The Perfect Pair | Cielo at Castle Pines

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We had an amazing time filming their wedding and it was our first wedding at Cielo. Everything is so close, you have beautiful, forest scenery and a waterfall just outside of a spacious, elegant ballroom. It was the perfect setting for Amanda and Scott’s wedding.

Amanda and Scott truly are a perfect pair. Through their Best Man and Maid of Honor’s toasts, it was obvious that their friends and family are proud to be a part of such a special couple. Our favorite moment was the during the processional as Amanda and her father appear from between the pillars just outside of Cielo. The emotion that you can see in Scott and Amanda’s face is exactly why we love to film weddings.

We hope you enjoy their Highlight Film!


Venue: Cielo at Castle Pines

Photographer: Emily Elizabeth Photo

Reception Music: Sound Master Entertainment

Catering: Relish Catering & Events

Cake Designer: The Makery

Music Used with Permission from

An Inspirational Year | A Spring Sanctuary Wedding


Occasionally, we come across a couple’s story, that is so remarkable and inspirational, that it just has to be shared. John and Molli have one such story. Its a story that begins one year before their wedding; when John was diagnosed with a serious illness.  John’s father, Peter, recounted the year long journey that John and Molli traveled over the past year. Their story tugged at our hearts while inspiring us to believe that two people, who are in love, can together overcome any adversity presented to them.

See their story for yourself below, in their Short Wedding Film from the The Sanctuary Golf Course. We had the pleasure of working with a couple of our favorite photographers at this wedding: Brinton Studios.

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Venue: The Sanctuary Golf Course

Photographer: Brinton Studios

Reception Music: A Music Plus

Florist: Amore Fiori

Bridal Boutique: Felice Bridal

Cake Designer: Elegant Bakery

Makeup Artist: Allure Hair Studio

Snowy Copper Mountain Wedding | Elise and Kevin Highlights

Elise and Kevin's Wedding Video

Anytime we head to the mountains to film a wedding, our eyes are always on the sky. Luckily for Elise and Kevin, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect for their wedding. Sun filled the sky for most of the afternoon and created beautiful lighting through the trees for their creative session. As the sun began to set, snow began to slowly fall, and Elise’s wish for a snowy wedding came true.

Beautiful scenery, a fun-loving couple and emotional toasts were what we remember most about this mountain wedding. Its hard to fight off tears as you watch two fathers talk about their kids the way Elise and Kevin’s fathers talk about them.


We hope you enjoy their Highlight Film. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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(Denver Wedding Films is now known as Bella Luce Films)


The Grand Hall: Copper Mountain Resort – Wedding Venue

Petal and Bean – Event Coordinator

Julia Vandenoever – Photographer

Clint’s Bakery – Caterer

Karlyn Jurgensen – Ceremony Music

Music Used with Permission by

Destination Wedding Testimonial :: Breckenridge, Colorado

Couple at their destination wedding in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Filming weddings can be a lot of work and very stressful. However at the end of the day, its completely rewarding work. When you receive a shining testimonial from a happy couple, that’s what keeps us striving to create such creative films.  Here’s what Michelle thought of her wedding video that we produced at her destination wedding in Breckenridge, Colorado:

My husband and I are from Chicago and chose to get married in Breckenridge. We love the mountains but live in the middle of flat land.  Because we were from out of town, we relied almost completely on referrals for various wedding services.  We found our photographer that way and really had a great time with him when he shot our engagement pictures months prior to the wedding. It was this photographer who referred us to Tye as they had worked together in the past.  Since we loved our photographer, we trusted his judgment. And we definitely weren’t disappointed!

Read the rest in our along with testimonials from more recent wedding couples on our Kudos Page.

Watch the wedding trailer that we produced for their destination wedding in Breckenridge, Colorado:

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(Denver Wedding Films is now known as Bella Luce Films)


Ten Mile Station – Wedding Venue

CPM Photography – Photographer

Wedding Bells – Bridal Boutique

Music Used with Permission by

When You’ve Got The Right Girl | Caitlin and Jeb’s Clocktower Wedding Trailer

Denver Clock Tower Wedding | Caitlin and Jeb
Intimate setting doesn’t begin to describe the Clock Tower Event Center at the Daniels and Fischer Tower in Downtown Denver. It was standing room only on the 17th and 18th floors to witness Caitlin and Jeb’s wedding ceremony. I would consider it a comfy, but not tight, fit. The view from the tower is incomparable by any other venue in Denver. Step outside on the 20th floor for an incredible view in any direction.

The creative session felt more like spring than winter, so we took to the streets of Denver with Brinton Studios for a great time, with a very laid back, fun couple. Caitlin’s dog, Moose, even manage to steal the show a few times (something I’m sure no other guy could get away with on her wedding day).

We hope you enjoy their video, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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Featured Vendors:

The Clocktower Event Center – Wedding Venue

Love this Day Events – Wedding Designer

Brinton Studios – Photographer

Music Used with Permission by

DJ Tips to Improve Your Wedding Video and Photos

Wedding DJs are one of the biggest choices for your wedding reception: we’ve seen great DJs that make sure all of your guests are having a great time and not so great DJs that start a rush for the door soon after the wedding cake has been cut. The quality and personality of your DJ even has an influence on the your wedding photos and video.

Denver has many great DJs to choose from so here are a few tips to consider when hiring a DJ for your wedding:

  1. Make sure you meet with the actual DJ that will be present at your wedding.  This may seem like a no-brainer, but some companies wait until just before your wedding to decide on which of their DJs will be at your wedding and you might end up with someone that doesn’t match your personality. Your pictures and video will be much more fun if there is a full dance floor with everyone having a great time. 
  2. Does your DJ provide any lighting services for your wedding? While it may be far from your mind, a dark dance floor is no fun for you or your guests. Ask your DJ if they provide reception lighting and if they don’t, consider hiring a lighting company to add some color. Not only will your guests notice the extra touch, but splashes of color in the background help create images that have depth and don’t appear flat. Bella Luce Films provides basic lighting of the dance floor and toasts, but we still highly recommend looking into reception lighting especially uplighting, color swatches and accent lighting for a truly elegant look.
  3. Ask how your DJ works with your other vendors.  Your wedding DJ should be a team player and well organized: they should notice if you’re about to start your first dance and your photographer isn’t in the room. A good DJ will be able to work with your videographer so that your toasts are setup and captured properly. If you haven’t hired a wedding planner, your DJ should be prepared to help keep your wedding on schedule as they “emcee” your reception’s events.

Choosing the right DJ, or band is an important decision for your reception. Always consider how each vendor will influence your other vendors. Visit our Partners Page for some of our recommended wedding DJs.  For general tips on hiring your wedding DJ, read more tips by

The Fight Box | Erica and Steve’s Arrowhead Golf Course Wedding Trailer

Arrowhead Golf Course Wedding Video Trailer

The sun was out and the heat was up, but that didn’t prevent us from having a great time filming Erica and Steve’s wedding video. If you’re a golfer and have never been to Arrowhead Golf Course, then grab your clubs and get yourself down there: this course has some breath taking scenery! This majestic scenery became a perfect backdrop for Erica and Steve’s wedding ceremony and they exchanged their vows in front of the towering, red sandstone rocks.

You would barely have known that Erica and Steve were getting married with how relaxed and fun they were on their wedding day. From dancing on a tee box to racing each other down the driving range, it was obvious that they just wanted to have as much fun as possible at their wedding. Erica and Steve are a great couple and we had an incredible time putting their film together for them.

If you enjoy this look at their wedding video, please comment below.

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Featured Vendors:

Arrowhead Golf Course – Wedding Venue

April O’Hare Photography – Photographer

Rocky Candy DJ – Reception Music

David’s Bridal – Bridal Dress

The Makery – Cake Designer

Music used with permission for legal use by

Introducing Bella Luce Films

For the past year we have been working to craft a new name and brand that better represents the quality of the films that we create. We’re proud to announce that Denver Wedding Films is now known as Bella Luce Films.

Bella Luce Films creates wedding videos for Colorado and other destinations.

Bella Luce, spoken as Bella Loo Chay – means “Beautiful Light” in Italian. You can expect the same great films that we’ve been producing for years, but an increased level of service by creating an entire Bella Luce experience. We’re creating an experience that begins with the first look at our new website and continues through receiving a film on Blu-ray. It is the focus on this experience that will continue to keep us as one of the best wedding filmmakers in Colorado.

 While many changes have already been completed, you can expect to see more changes and updates including:

  • Aligning our social media sites to the Bella Luce name and look.
  • Combining our wedding films and our promotional / corporate video production under the Bella Luce Films name.
  • New “Couple’s Pages” – unique pages for each of our wedding couple’s to display their wedding film.
  • Entire Short and Feature Films posted in our blog.
  • Completely redesigned packaging for our films.
  • Frequent blog updates including wedding tips that are relevant to your wedding and will help you get the most out of your photographer and videographer.



Didn’t Even Realize They Were There

We are proud to receive many great comments about our wedding videos, but among our favorites are when a couple comments on the fact that they didn’t even notice us during certain moments of their wedding. We try very hard to make sure that we blend in as much as possible during your wedding while still capturing everything. Many times, couples are surprised when they watch their film because they didn’t even know we were around to capture some of their special moments. Take this recent comment for example:

“Denver Wedding Films was absolutely amazing. I had seen their videos online and was so excited to hire them. We were lucky enough that our day worked out so that we could have them do a same day edit of our ceremony in the morning which we showed at the reception in the evening. I don’t how they were able to pull something like that together so quickly but all our guests were blown away. The quality, music, feel of the video was perfect. If your day works out, I would definitely recommend this option.

They were also very professional and easy to work with. We met/discussed on a consistent basis all the way up to the wedding. They kept out of the way but were able to capture every moment. When we were watching the video later we were so surprised at some of the footage because we didn’t even realize they were there. They are now filming 3 of our friends weddings this year because everyone loved them so much. I would definitely recommend Denver Wedding Films.”


They loved their Same Day Edit so much that they even took the time to send us a quick message before they returned home while traveling after their wedding:

“Hi Tye!

I hope everything is going well. Thank you again for the absolutely amazing same day edit. Everyone loved it and so did we! .

Anyway let me know and thank you again for making our day that more amazing.


Check out Jenny and Mai’s Same Day Film below: